Oct 19


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Where do you call home? Is it something that just happened or did you search eagerly for it? Did it find you one day unexpectedly or did you always feel at home?



  1. KimGM

    I feel confused about the concept of home. I am from Philadelphia but I haven’t lived there since 1992. I still call it home but I feel like a tourist when I am there. I spent three years in Richmond, Virginia but it never became home for me. I’ve lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 1995. Sometimes it feels like home. Sometimes it just feels like space I occupy. So where is home…? πŸ™‚

    1. Ingrid

      Kim – I understand completely! I have been reluctant to call any place ‘home’ . While I blame my ancestors the Vikings for my Nomadic tendencies it is difficult sometimes to explain to others where ‘home’ is for me. I was brought up in New Zealand but always felt I would end up in Europe at some point. That ‘some point’ arrived 6 years ago and became semi-permanent 4 years ago when I came to work on luxury yachts. But I NEVER felt the urge to buy a house up until I fell in love with my little ruin in Abruzzo, Italy – there is something magical about the area – and I still maintain IT found me or else I would probably still be shifting from one place to the next – now I find myself happily semi-rooted in Italy. Perhaps you haven’t yet found that place as family has connected you to Philadelphia & Stockholm? Perhaps you’ll find the place you call home by happenstance just like me πŸ™‚

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