Mar 10

Come Hell or High Water!

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Earlier this week I told fellow blogger Lisa from http://www.renovatingitaly.com/  that I now blog every Friday without fail and this has been the case since Christmas.  However, I must now EAT MY WORDS as yesterday hell froze over and the blog post did not make it!!


I should be telling you all about what happened after the failed meeting with the engineer – ooh so much to tell you all!!  But today is a little aside from this.  I have been fortunate enough to return again to Abruzzo for the weekend – I was here the 23rd February to the 5th March and now back from the 9th until the 14th as we are unable to work on the yacht while it is being painted.


Yesterday (the 9th) proved to be more hectic than I could have imagined!  I was casually preparing for my trip and decided I would have plenty of time to update the blog at Nice airport while I awaited my flight to Rome.  I was on the train at 1254 from Beaulieu sur Mer then waited patiently at the bus stop for the Terminal 2 bus – for 40 minutes!  Feeling a little perplexed I decided to board the Terminal 1 bus which had come and gone earlier.  I stepped on at 1345 and what should have been a 20 minute journey took an hour!!  The bus slowed to a snail’s pace as we passed hundreds of police vans and police in riot gear shields and batons at the ready.  A French woman murmured ‘pour la presidente’ to me ‘ah d’accord’ I replied thinking ‘ooh la la’ and ‘mon dieu’ to myself wondering if I would make my flight!  Finally I arrived at Terminal 1 and after taking the complimentary transfer shuttle to Terminal 2 was awaiting check-in nervously at 15:00 knowing the gate closed at 1530.  Also to my horror there were hundreds of people queuing somehow Easy Jet had 4 flights leaving between 15:55 and 16:10 and I think we had all been caught up in the Sarkozy fiasco! By 1515 I was through security clearance and thankful I would make my flight albeit a little anxious with so many flights that my luggage would fail to do the same!


Arrival in Rome: on time – last time I landed in Rome I waited over an hour for my luggage and cringed at the thought this time would be no better!  To my delight the baggage carousel started to turn after a 30 minute wait and after 40 minutes I was off on my way to pick up my hire car.  Arrival at the hire car desk was not without a little drama – the computer system had crashed and there were several people ahead of me.  At the counter the process was quick – all my details in the system ready for me just a matter of finding a car with snow chains.  No problem a Fiat Panda was issued and I headed to the car park a little dismayed I would now be leaving Rome in the dark.  I ask where the car is and the lady replies number 12 and advises her colleague is just checking for the chains, I unlock the car and put in my luggage and return to the desk.  Sorry there are no chains we have to change your car – so I return to the car pull out my bags and return to the desk.  Upgraded to a bigger car – thankfully diesel so it should work out okay.


Just before 1900 finally out of the airport heading to Navelli.  Received a phone call and I hate to answer the phone while driving but I decided it’s okay if quick.  My friend Jimmy is calling to confirm my arrival time and can I meet at the Crocus (a little bar restaurant not far from Navelli), they are meeting with friends who are over visiting their properties post the winter snowfall.  No problem see you there. Well dinner was ordered at 2130 and we got back to Navelli just before 2am!!


Needless to say Friday slipped away from me quickly and silently, what is a girl to do?  My opportunity to tell you everything had gone in the blink of an eye!  So in Italian fashion my Friday post had to become ‘domani’!!

Ciao tutti – I will update you all again soon – maybe even before next Friday!!  Stay tuned….



A little tease until my next post

A little tease until my next post


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  1. Lisa | Renovating Italy

    Oh what a massive day you had Ingrid, I think that you could be forgiven for missing your Friday Post schedule!! Your comment has taken the pressure off and I spend less time worrying about timing of posts and more time just enjoying writing.

    Thank you so much for the lovely mention, we have to tee up that guest post over at Renovating Italy…..

    with love, lisa

    1. Ingrid

      One of those days when you wonder if someone is trying to tell you something !

      Prego for the mention – I couldn’t help but think of you on this one!! An interesting few days ahead – I am sure I can prepare something for a guest blog soon 🙂

      Ingrid xo

  2. Cathy

    Can’t wait for next Friday’s post Ingrid 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      Thanks Cathy!! Just spent the morning with the Architect 🙂

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