Apr 06

Rebirth, Rinascita & Good Friday 2012

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On today’s Good Friday I remember the people in the Italian province of L’Aquila who lost family, friends and homes 3 years ago. I hope another year does not go by where they are left without relief, where they are left in temporary housing, where they are left surrounded by the rubble of the city that fell around them on the 6th April 2009.

As you enjoy the long weekend with family, friends & loved ones and whether you do so as a religious holiday or as a hard earned holiday break take the time to think of all that you take for granted.  Indeed too remember those in the USA currently also in the throes of homelessness following destruction by more of mother nature’s fury in recent days.

The symbol of Easter is the Egg, symbolising rebirth in Italy rebirth is called riniscita.  Whether you are religious or not the opportunity for new a beginning is indeed a tantalising one.  If you are not loving the life you are presently living perhaps now is the time to seek out what you love in your life.  Dreams can become your reality if you take the steps to make them happen.

May this Easter be the beginning of new joys and passions and may the pains of the past diminish leaving only the sweetness of fond and treasured memories.

Chocolate Abruzzo Easter Eggs

Chocolate Abruzzo Easter Eggs


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  1. Kirsten

    Nice post! Short, sweet and true! Happy Easter to you 😀

    1. Ingrid

      Grazie mille – Happy Easter Chickadee – and an even Happier Greek Easter to you next weekend xox

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