May 07

Yachting Life

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I feel guilty and must apologise for my absence in recent weeks!  Working on yachts as I’ve mentioned previously is not an easy life. Yes, when it’s good it is very very good but when it’s bad it’s pretty rotten!

This Winter turned into a fantastic opportunity for me in terms of getting the ball rolling with the renovation.  The schedule originally was to send the yacht via an ‘express’ delivery service whereby yachts are freighted on a larger ship across to the US.  The cost of this service was set to in excess of USD$200 000 and the yacht would be shipped to Fort Lauderdale where it would be painted and redecorated before chartering in the Bahamas.

Due to the process of becoming a commercial charter vessel and time constraints it was decided the yacht would remain in the South of France for the Winter where all upgrades and refitting of the interior would take place.

We were hauled out of the water just before Christmas 2011.

Hauled Out

Hauled out in the Shipyard

Early January 2012 scaffolding started to be assembled around the yacht in preparation for painting of the exterior.  Once the scaffolding was completed this was enclosed providing a tent around the vessel enabling a semi-controlled environment for painting.

The Tent mid-February 2012

The Tent mid-February 2012

The painting took forever and our captain was as is often the case conspicuous by his absence.  Much of the time spent in the shipyard has been a waiting game.  Often unable to enter the boat for several days while painting and preparation was undertaken.  Times like this can be quite trying for those with a work ethic when there is little one can do and the air and the environment is filthy.

Approximately 10 days ago we were put back into the water and we have been cleaning and preparing the yacht for guests later this month.  My hands are now cracked and dry, my fingernails have all softened and broken.  I am wondering what the season will hold for me as it is likely we will have new crew for the Summer and there is still much to do on board!

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  1. Janine

    A really fascinating insight Ingrid. Thank you. I’m sure you’re forever hearing how lucky you are to do what you do! 😉 I hope a great summer makes up for such a frustrating patch.

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you – people have a tendency to imagine us living the highlife in exotic locations which is often not the case. Beautiful locations often mean a lot of hard work. Hoping for a great Summer thank you – a few more frustrations to be ironed out first 🙂

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