Jun 12

Plans Coming Together!

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Plans Coming together

Gosh it really has been TOO long since my last post!! Many apologies!! Well a lot has been happening.  Back in April I thought my architect sent me his ideas for the renovation but I was mistaken he sent me the ‘current layout’ of the house and I was panicking about there being no bathroom!

Approximately a month ago I received 2 new plans – both with bathrooms!  His ipotesi (proposals) were both very good.  One was based on my own idea for the use of the space and the second was more his own thinking and an option I had not considered at all. Unfortunately at the same time I received the plans we were getting extremely busy on the yacht and it was only this weekend just passed that I was able to return to Abruzzo and meet with my architect.

We had a very busy 3 weeks with guests on the yacht and we worked 18-21 hours every day during this time plus the week leading up to and preparing was very hectic too!  While our guests are fantastic and lovely they are on holiday and quite easily forget that you are actually working while they are enjoying themselves.

Our captain who had been a concern and a real problem for me had his employment terminated within the first 5 days of the guest trip.  Therefore we had a new captain starting who was thankfully not new to the boat and I was charged with arranging 2 new crew members within a very tight timeframe.  Needless to say we rose to the challenge and it was a virtually seamless transition with very happy guests!

We were in Cannes briefly during the film festival and with changed traffic conditions and the influx of crazed tourists I admit I had quite the job trying NOT to run them over as tempting as it was as they walked anywhere and everywhere with scant regard to traffic as I drove to the Fortville Market and the Boulangerie for early morning croissants and baguettes!  We were also in Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix and this was my first time there.  We were in ‘lock down’ every day during the racing so it was a challenge whenever something was needed or I ran out of anything as the means of getting them (launching the tender and heading to Fontveille to markets) was a bit of an ordeal!  We had several changeovers with various guests coming, going and returning but it was enjoyable despite the hard work!  We had a few nights at anchor in St Tropez too which is nice except we have to do anchor watches which makes for broken sleep and adds to exhaustion.

Crowds Line the Streets

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012

Race Day

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012


Crowds Gain Any Vantage Point They Can Find: Luxury Yacht or Apartment Balcony

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012

After 3 weeks with guests and the changes in crew I spent last weekend in Italy enjoying a long weekend and taking a few more steps towards living my dream in Italy!!

I hope I can keep you updated more regularly but as you may be getting some idea of the way my work is it really isn’t always possible as sleep is the one thing one catches up on first given the opportunity!!


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  1. Cathy

    Whenever you are able to post your updates Ingrid we will happily read them 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      Always good to know I can rely on my followers! Grazie mille 🙂

  2. Ingrid

    Grazie mille Toni 🙂

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