Jun 20

Travel & My First Yacht Job

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My very first job on a yacht was as a Sole Stewardess.  I was interviewed on the phone by an Aussie captain and soon found myself jumping on a flight to Rhodos Greece then a ferry to Marmaris Turkey to meet people I had never seen to start a job I had never done!

Path to Adventure

Awaiting the Ferry

The job had its ups and downs – if you pardon the pun! But I survived the season and managed to see some amazing parts of the world and met some wonderful people even if I didn’t get the chance to explore every place fully.

Marmaris is a clubbers paradise and it was hard to ignore the nightly boom boom boom of the clubs close to the marina where our yacht was berthed.  I had my work cut out for me as there had not been anyone looking after the interior for more than a year but I did manage to snatch a day here and there to see where I was in the world.

Locally I decided to jump on a cheesy gullet tour which took me to Turtle Beach, Datça, nearby Lycean tombs and some healing mudbaths.  Some weeks later I would learn that the mudbaths no longer held any of the original healing properties as it was shipped in on trucks from goodness knows where to keep the crowds coming back day after day to roll in the black muck and take silly pictures of themselves!

Mud Pool Quest

Setting out for promised beauty

Ancient Tombs - Turkey 2008

Ancient Tombs – Turkey 2008

We spent the Summer cruising Turkey as far North as Bodrum and as far South as Antalya.  Greece we visited intermittently Santorini, Rhodos, Mykonos, Symi, Nisyros and the Eastern-most Kastelorizo.


Kastelorizo Early Morning

Kastelorizo Early Morning

Mykonos Young Girl

Mykonos Young Girl

Travel is a wonderful way to see other cultures and gain greater understanding of those we share the world with. While much of the Western World has been lead towards a great untruth regarding Muslims I was welcomed warmly into Muslim homes in Turkey and given the love of families with little else to offer except the generosity of their hearts. This is despite the invasion of their countries by foreigners who have little if any respect for local cultures and beliefs.

Founder of Modern Turkey Ataturk

Founder of Modern Turkey Ataturk

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  1. Janine

    Travel is a great teacher, Ingrid. I love your photos too!

    1. Ingrid

      Travel IS a great teacher – even when we think we are just enjoying the scenery we find out so much along the way. Thank you so much for stopping by – I am glad you are enjoying the photos 🙂 !

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