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I was surprised and excited to find I had received a nomination from fellow blogger Cathy Powell at http://www.anitalophile.com/ for the ‘Capture the Colour’ competition organised by TRAVEL SUPERMARKET

The rules state that I am to post and provide stories of 5 photographs: BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE & RED and at the end of my post nominate another 5 fellow bloggers for the award.

Not such an easy task to pick out pictures that represent a colour and give a new expression to a colour but I will do my very best!


The Blue Grotto - Kastelorizo Greece

The Blue Grotto – Kastelorizo Greece

I was working in Turkey and Greece on a luxury sailing yacht and we found ourselves on the little known Greek Island of Kastelorizo.  We had heard about a blue grotto that was one of the islands must sees but it was also a very well kept secret by the locals who would charge a fee to those looking to view it.  We awoke very early morning around 6am as we had guests on  and escaped in search of the grotto. We came across a tiny hole in the cliffs on the western side of the island and wondered ‘could this be it?’. As we approached we doubted out tender could even fit in the gap and we all ducked as we surprisingly managed to enter through the tiny opening.  This is the last I saw of the blue grotto as we left after swimming in the azure blue waters – as you can see the white of the grotto walls are very close to the motor of our tender!


World War II Cemetery, Champagne, France

World War II Cemetery, Champagne, France

While driving through the Champagne region I came across this war cemetery rather unexpectedly. People travel for many reasons, to see and experience other cultures or to see the past and where man has come from.  I had no thoughts of visiting War Memorials on my first ever trip to Europe in 2006 however, I was struck by this vista: the perfectly manicured green laws, the perfect symmetry from where the crosses sprouted from the lawns. But most of all I was struck by the sadness of lives lost and grateful for the respect shown to these fallen soldiers more than half a century later.



Pompeii - Citrus Vendor

Pompeii – Citrus Vendor

Also on my first visit to Europe I found myself visiting the ruins of Pompeii, the striking imagery I viewed inside Pompeii of frescoes depicting Vesuvius billowing dark smoke and knowing everyone remained despite this constant threat.  Outside you get a sense of WHY the people stayed there, these enormous lemons as big as a man’s head show you the bounty of fresh produce that was available in the area and still today! Lemoncello is an art form as are the lemons grown in the region!


Mykonos Young Girl

Mykonos Young Girl

It is difficult to think of anything BUT white in the Greek Islands – but I will always remember looking up this lovely street and seeing a young girl consumed by her own thoughts and fantasies as she goes on her way; perhaps home, perhaps to friends but with a spring in her step and happiness in her heart.


Dubai Taxi Service

Dubai Taxi Ferries

I was torn between two pictures for the colour red – both were taken in Dubai.  This one of the local Taxi ferries where for as little as 1 Dirham one could cross from one side of the canal to the other. The rich colours and the oppressive heat blended well together – I was surprised how this particular ferry had so few people on it.  My friend and I hopped on one for the experience later in the evening and their was barely enough sitting room for everyone!

So this concludes my colours expozay!

My Nominees for CAPTURE THE COLOUR in no particular order are;

  1. Toni  from http://orvietoorbust.com/
  2. Emily at http://inspiredinitaly.blogspot.fr/
  3. Di from http://www.dimackey.com/
  4. Sam at http://www.lifeinabruzzo.com/
  5. Pete from http://www.lazioexplorer.com/

I hope you have found this wander down memory lane as enjoyable as I myself have!


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  1. Cathy

    Well done Ingrid. I love all of your photos. Your ‘green’ entry is particularly moving 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Cathy!! I really appreciate the nomination 🙂 . I was wondering if I had any photos that would work but surprisingly found a few that just seemed to work!!! Grazie mille

  2. sandra christensen

    Fabulous photography Ingrid and great text – you really must make a book of your pics!!!!!!!

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Mum 🙂 xox

  3. Toni DeBella

    Well what an honor. I am now going to have to go through my computer and see what I have that would qualify, but I am fairly sure it will not exceed your lovely photos, Ingrid. You are awesome. toni

    1. Ingrid

      Prego Toni – you deserve it – I think I was a little hasty with my choosing but it reminds me of so many other pics I may have to post here one day. Good luck – in bocca al lupo!! Grazie mille 🙂

  4. Lisa | Renovating Italy

    Hey sorry Ingrid my comment didn’t seem to go through. I love your Blue and Yellow!! It was lots of fun to hunt up pics for each color and I found it hard to find Green!! xxx

    1. Ingrid

      Ciao Lisa – it IS hard trying to find the right ‘colour’ photo for the challenge but we got there in the end!! In bocca al lupo 🙂 . And thank you xox

  5. Kirsten

    Great photos Ingy, good luck
    Especially like the “Red” and the “White”, Bravo Bella 😀

    1. Ingrid

      Thanks Sis!! Glad you like 🙂

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