Nov 22

Little Treasures

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The year has gone by exceedingly fast and I am afraid with that I lost my weekly updates to you all and I am sorry about that!!  But winter is approaching and before I update on how the house plans are coming along I thought a few of you are waiting to see some of my little ‘finds’ from the house.

In Abruzzo

Religious Artworks at the House


An Old Lampshade

An Old Lampshade 

Figs Ripe For Eating
Figs Ripe For Eating 

Assorted Bottles All Shapes, Sizes & Colours
Assorted Bottles All Shapes, Sizes & Colours 

Old Washstand with Enamel Basin
Old Washstand with Enamel Basin

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  1. Cathy

    Wow Ingrid, what a lot of treasures you’ve got.

    1. Ingrid

      Yes – quite a bit of fun looking at everything 🙂

  2. sandra christensen

    They are real treasures Ingrid – The contents of the cupboard conjure up thoughts of how the previous owners lived – Rather like an archaelogical dig!!!!

    1. Ingrid

      It is quite interesting – I have more ‘things’ I will post soon x

  3. Lisa | Renovating Italy

    what wonderful little treasures you’ve found, I love them all especially those figs and the bottles. At Borga Nari we found an old chamber pot, and tiny hand made child’s shoe which we left with the commune when we sold. In one of the walls they had used chestnut shells and tiny glass bottles for some reason, we never knew what we would unearth.

    Here’s to a 2013 filled with many such treasures, see you soon

    1. Ingrid

      Ciao Lisa!

      It is surprising what has been left behind – I have yet to post pics of the lovely hand made quilt I found at the house! It is very exciting and I can’t wait to see this become my home – I am sure you feel the same way!! Hugs, Ingrid xo

      1. Lisa | Renovating Italy

        and can’t wait to see your home and finally meet up! how wonderful to find a quilt, what history is contained in this treasure x
        I can’t wait to visit the house and start turning it into our home x

        1. Ingrid

          Thanks Lisa! I see your countdown to Italy has already begun!!

          MARCH will arrive soon – can’t wait – I have few days off so hope to see mine before it gets almost pulled apart and reconstructed!!



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