Jun 16

Passion Renewed

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After a very hard Winter I have taken time out to renew myself and to push work along on my ‘little ruin’!

I spent the first weekend in June at the amazing first ever Lets Blog Abruzzo and I am hoping this gains momentum to become a regular event in some shape or form – even if it’s an informal weekend with attendees discovering a new part of Abruzzo together!!

Paesaggi d'Abruzzo Founders Alessandro & Fabio

We ate copious amounts of food from Borghi Autentici http://www.borghiautenticiditalia.it/assobai/


And enjoyed a marvelous selection of wine from Cantina Tollo http://www.cantinatollo.it/en

Montepulciano, Trebbiano & Pecorino and much much more

All within the amazing setting of Santo Stefano di Sessanio – the weather was not the warmest but the company kept us cosy for the weekend!

The changeable Nature of the Mountains

Monday 3rd June saw myself and 3 other bloggers whisked away to the Trabocchi Coast by Fabrizio Lucci of Italia Sweet Italia http://www.italiasweetitalia.com/ for 2 wonderful days and nights exploring Vasto and it’s surrounds – more to follow on this in coming weeks!!

Characteristic Fishing on the Abruzzo Coast

One thing taking some time out in Abruzzo has shown me is that Abruzzo is a place where passionate people live or come to explore; all within a rich culture, amazing food and the green heart of Europe! Once you visit the people of Abruzzo will capture your heart forever!!

I am currently updating the blog and trying out a new theme so feel free to pass on your comments including any constructive criticism – without you there is no blog.





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  1. Cathy

    What a gorgeous spread of food Ingrid. You have had so many great adventures since arriving back in Italy and I can’t wait for you to share them with us.

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Cathy! I was wondering if I had lost my subscribers with the new format – still trying to work thing out with the new format but I guess I will get there!!

  2. Helen

    I love every post on this love fest. I hope I can get mine together before summer is over!
    I promise to give feedback soon. I will say off the bat that sketches vs full articles or posts are delightful. I have a few on my blog that I felt were skimpy, but a variety in length is a good thing.

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Helen! I really needed to get something ‘out there’ so I guess this is a tease 😉

  3. Michelle S

    Hello from another Kiwi….I din’t realise you were a kiwi gal…
    been following you for ages too:)
    hope all is well…lucky you to live that dream….mine has to be part time what with kids/husbands/cats etc …
    keep up the great posts….

    1. Ingrid

      Ciao! I’m glad you enjoy them, it’s not always easy finding the right environment to write them, but I’m sure you know that all too well with your busy household!! Hopefully once the real nitty gritty of renovating starts I don’t lose ALL my marbles!!!

      Thank you for the encouragement!! I’ll do my best 🙂

  4. Sandra Christensen

    Lovely pics Ingrid – We hope we can see them in person one day. Thanks for sharing with us

    1. Ingrid

      I’m sure you will!!

  5. Kirsten

    Nice blog, brief but informative. Looking forward to the next one 😀

    1. Ingrid

      🙂 cheers!

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