Oct 18

Travel Your Way

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Some time ago I received an invitation via email to participate in a photo competition.

The competition is: Travel Your Way by Rhinocarhire.com

At the time I was juggling quite a few other things on my plate and I revisited the email and was surprised the deadline had been extended until the end of this month! So I trawled through some of my photos and found some that I felt reflected the way I travel and perhaps one that was a bit whimsical!

Travel By Road

I had the opportunity to spend some time in Austria last Winter. One thing I never imagined was how much snow could fall and the importance of being able to shelter your vehicle. In Austria they are adept at getting you out of the snow but it’s quite a surprise to find yourself practically buried! Sometimes it pays to take note of the weather reports!

Snowed in Austria 2013

Do I really need to see where I am going?


Travel By Air

I have the weirdest habit – I never seem to take photos from the air. But what better view than that of a Bird’s Eye View parapenting above Lake Geneve in Switzerland!

Parapenter, Lake Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland

Parapenter, Lake Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland


Travel by Rail

My very first trip to Europe found me in sub-Zero temperatures on the 1st June 2006! I was unprepared for the cold and also the intrinsic beauty found there. We took a cable car from the bottom of the hill and found ourselves in a Winter wonderland! Fresh snow dropping from the sky fascinated by the intricate snow crystal designs that landed softly on my lightweight jacket. The wheels you see here are part of the mechanism that pulls the cable car along it’s railway tracks.

Switzerland - Stanserhorn

Cable Cars, Snow in Summer form a Winter Wonderland

Travel by Sea

For those that are familiar with my blog it is more familiar to see photos I’ve taken from the perspective of the Sea. A truly unique experience is that of the Corinth Canal in Greece the most direct path from the Strait of Messina to Athens. I have had the opportunity to pass through it 3 times so far. There are several bridges over the canal and you often see people looking down on you – it was not until my last trip that I realised those on the bridge can get a unique view themselves by bungy jumping off one of them! Fortunately they are not able to jump when there is boat traffic s I can’t enlighten you further!!

Corinth Canal Greece on SY Geronimo

Corinth Canal Greece on SY Geronimo

The final part of the challenge is to nominate other bloggers to participate in this competition and I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

  1. http://www.wanderingsheila.com/
  2. http://dimackey.squarespace.com/
  3. http://www.renovatingitaly.com/
  4. http://laavventura.wordpress.com/
  5. http://www.aroundtheworldin80jobs.com/

Competition ends 31st October 2013!

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  1. Jennifer Avventura

    You’re photos are great! Love all that snow! Thanks for the mention, now Ill have to scrawl through my pics to find some suitable ones. 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      You are welcome! I thought you might like it since I know you travel quite a lot and enjoy photography 🙂
      Good luck!

  2. Jennifer Avventura

    Um…your photos.

  3. lisa | renovating italy

    Oh thank you so much for that nomination Ingrid, not sure if I’ll get it done x
    I’d love to travel by sea but can’t swim and get sea sick lol

    1. Ingrid

      You’re welcome Lisa, I didn’t think I would get a post in at all – it makes one realise how many photos you collect over the years!

  4. Living And Working In Switzerland

    I really love to travel by air and sea……..Nice blog

    1. Ingrid

      Hello and thank you for stopping by!

      Have a great weekend

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