Nov 13

Vasto & The Heart of the Vastese

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Some time ago I started to tell you about my friend’s wonderful business ‘Italia Sweet Italia’ http://www.italiasweetitalia.com/ .  Fabrizio Lucci has made it his business to take you into the heart of Abruzzo and to let it speak to you!

In June of this year myself and a small group of fellow bloggers were invited to experience Fabrizio’s heart in Abruzzo! Day One we enjoyed the wonders of the Trabocchi Coast and the Sea’s Bounty as we cooked traditional seafood delights in the small kitchen on the sea that is Trabocco Punta Tufano and tasted some perfectly paired wines before spending the evening in the small seaside town of Vasto.

On arrival in Vasto we were shown to the lovely Hotel San Marco where we would spend 2 nights. The hotel was located close to the heart of Vasto and was very well appointed. The hotel has very friendly hosts, crisp clean rooms and a good breakfast for the active traveller. I would certainly stay with them again in the future and recommend them to other travellers as a pleasing and value for money accommodation option; http://www.hotelsanmarcovasto.com/

In the evening we went for a delightful passiggiata around the town stopping first to enjoy the view from the beautiful gardens of the Palazzo d’Avolos overlooking the stunning Coastline and then enjoyed the wonderful Art that adorns some of the walls within the palace.

Vasto from Hilltop to Sea

Vasto from Hilltop to Sea

Il Muletto by Filippo Palizzi

Il Muletto by Filippo Palizzi

We heard about the art of the Palizzi brothers – all offering a different way of seeing their world. I especially liked The Mule pictured above.

Saddles and tapestries showed us a little of the Craftsmanship of years gone by.

Saddles & Tapestry

Saddles & Tapestry


We then went to a local Ceramics Studio ’Creta Rossa’ and treated to seeing the artist at work hand painting ceramics in her lovely studio.

Creta Rossi Ceramics

Creta Rossi Ceramics

Hand Painting - Ceramics at Creta Rossa

Hand Painting – Ceramics at Creta Rossa

As the day was coming to a close, the warm Summer air enveloped us and sun began to cast it’s elongated shadows we stopped for Aperitivo and some surprise local entertainment with local celebrity Peppino Giannone. Wine, laughter and stories flowed as we enjoyed the end of what had been a very busy and most enjoyable day of Food, Art and Culture in Abruzzo


Another local celebrity posed with us earlier in the evening also – the hospitality of the people in Abruzzo is simply the best. To getaway from Touristic Italy and to experience it’s heart is an unforgettable experience and more powerful than throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain – once you’ve been it will be hard to stay away!

Fiat 500 Celebrity Pose

Fiat 500 Celebrity Pose

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  1. Kevin

    Ingrid your writing is beautiful and I love your blog.

    1. Ingrid

      Ciao Kevin! Thank you so much – it’s nice to be appreciated 🙂

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