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A Unique Opportunity – Fulfill Your Dream of Renovating in Italy or Becoming a Writer!

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I know many of you may think owning and renovating your own home in Italy is completely impossible – and perhaps for many indeed it is. There is a big difference between the romantic idealisation of abstract whimsical dreams and the reality of the act of doing it. I am finding out every day what that actually means!

As my ruin completes its final stages of transformation, I am appealing to my followers for a little assistance and in doing so will give part of my self for this. I am not proposing ‘something for nothing’ I am proposing something unique and fun that we can share alongside memories to last us a lifetime!

I am seeking assistance for transforming my ruin into my home and in doing so will open my home to you in return! I propose the following possibilities to you in consideration of a donation to the final stages of restoration.

  1. Lunch with Dreamlifeofmine                                                                                 €50
  2. Day Excursion with Dreamlifeofmine including Lunch                                             €100
  3. Overnight Stay with Dreamlifeofmine including Dinner & Breakfast                          €200
  4. 5 Night Retreat including Breakfast & Dinner daily at Dreamlifeofmine                     €500
  5. Alternatively your choice of Donation – reward to be negotiated                              €€€

Option 5 could include cooking lessons at Dreamlifeofmine, framed photos of the project if you are unable to travel to meet me or a framed print of a watercolour painting of the village of Ofena (a friend of mine is a wonderful painter and I’ve convinced him to complete something special for me).

Writer’s Retreat!!! I will also be opening a space to be utilised by fellow writer’s as a retreat during the month’s May to September. An amazing place to experience Inspiration, Tranquility & Meditation in a traditional Italian village!!

These experiences will then be able to be realised from 1 May 2015 and we can start planning catching up and talking about the project in person!!

  • Imagine sitting on the terrace enjoying the panoramic views with a coffee and biscotti.
Panoramic Valley Views

Panoramic Valley Views


  • Strolling the Medieval Streets of the old town
Medieval Streets Await Discovery

Medieval Streets Await Discovery

  • Walking to the local Vineyards to sample Montepulciano d’Abruzzo right from the source of the vines.
Budding Vines for Outstanding Wines

Budding Vines for Outstanding Wines

  • Inhaling the beautiful vistas of the Valley.
Valleys & Cloud Formations

Valleys & Cloud Formations

  • Wandering to the nearby farm for freshly made Mozzarella or Pecorino cheeses.

    Locally Made Mozarella

    Locally Made Mozarella

  • Learning the art of Olive Harvesting or how to forage for wild asparagus and other wild greens.
  • Learning to make your own Spaghetti alla Chitarra!

    Spaghetti alla Chitarra!

    Spaghetti alla Chitarra!

  • Or simply enjoy the pleasures of aperitivo

    Classic Aperitivo!

    Classic Aperitivo!


Have I tempted you? I sincerely hope so – join me in Abruzzo for an unforgettable and unique adventure!!


Ciao & Grazie!!



PS: while this offer cannot include your expenses getting to an from Dreamlifeofmine I will certainly endeavour to help and advise you to find the most economic and comfortable means of getting here! Suggestions are per person – overnight stays are 2 guests maximum although a small child could be accommodated also.

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  1. lisa | renovatingitaly

    Fantastic Ingrid, I think this is a great idea and way for people to get a feel for renovating in Italy and all it entails. I know you will have lots to share and WELL DONE you !!!!

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Lisa!! Always nice to have friendly encouragement and constructive feedback 🙂

      You are being pretty AWESOME YOURSELF!!


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