Nov 13

Home Sweet Home!

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November 1st

Having arrived back in Abruzzo on the evening of 31st October I shared a very nice glass of the local wine with the charming Jimmy from Abruzzo Segreto in Navelli and enjoyed also some tasty Bruschetta prepared by the lovely Francesca.

The day of the 1st I checked on my little house to make sure it was still standing before I handed over the last of my money for its purchase.  Following a quick look at the house and garden and as it was a holiday for All Saints Day I found myself driving around the local area where the movie Lady Hawke was filmed.  The stunning scenery in this region of Italy is breathtaking the Autumn colours brilliant reds and golds as well as accents of green has the countryside glowing with natural beauty.  Spectacular!

One of many Abruzzese Castles

One of many castles



November 2nd

I was up bright and early after a restless night’s sleep rising at 6:30 and on the road at 7:25 to meet at the bank to arrange Bank drafts for the purchase.  It was a lovely drive down to the nearby town of Popoli with early morning mist rising up from the valley.  Making good time I arrived at the Bank in Pescara without needing to stress – I hate being late!   My meeting was 8:30 and business there, much to my surprise was concluded by 9am.

Unsure of the legalities of my previous parking I moved the car and checked out some of the shops to fill in time until my 11am meeting with the Notary and Vendors.  Arriving at the Notary I was surprised by the cast of thousands (okay slight exaggeration) there were the 2 vendors and the translator plus another 2 from the Real Estae Agency which it seemed had each earned themselves €1000 from their hand in showing the house to potential buyers.

After the initial reading of the contract the Notary left to complete a few alterations to the original document and I passed checks around the office to the various parties and I was shocked the Real Estate Agency seemed to make the most money after the last transaction was completed rather than the sellers!

Having heard it was customary to be taken out to lunch after a property purchase I was relieved that this was not offered on completion of the formalities.  I received my key to the house and walked to the car.

A quick stop at the local supermarket to buy champagne (French and Italian)  as well as some local specialties to nibble on as a late lunch Salami and Formaggio.

When I arrived back at Abruzzo-Segreto Jimmy and Francesca were busy chatting to a young man from Pompeii who had come to look at the local Saffron (Zafferano) production.  A few minutes later another couple arrived from the Puglia region.  We discussed my day and got the Champagne chilling and everyone was delighted by the story of my house purchase.  A little later an English couple arrived who were renovating a house in a nearby village called Prata after a glass of red wine we decided the champagne was chilled!

‘AUGURI’ everyone offered as we toasted with Italian Ferrari Brut!  We chatted for quite a while altogether and in the tradition of the last few days I missed lunch again.  Jimmy, Francesca and I along with the young man from Pompeii agreed to meet around 7pm to meet one of the local Zafferano experts before heading off to dinner.

We had a lovely evening and a good meal together – it was a whirlwind day and lots of fun!




  1. KimGM

    Sounds lovely! 😀 Wish I could have been there with you!

  2. lisa chiodo | renovating italy

    I remember the multitudes of people when we sold Borga Nari (all dressed up in their Sunday best). Can’t wait to see your new home and how the renovations go.
    ciao lisa

    1. Ingrid

      Ciao Lisa – thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit 🙂

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