Jul 22

Welcome – Ben venuti!!

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I am a Generation X girl – like some married and now divorced.Β  This is an introduction to my life and my passions.

Join me as I purchase and renovate an Italian Palazzo in the beautiful region of Abruzzo – a definite rival in beauty to the North’s more famous Tuscany and Umbria!!Β  I would love to give you the opportunity to live my dream – the trials, tribulations, joys, laughter and perhaps sorrows of living one’s life in foreign countries!!

Come back soon I hope to share with you more about myself…



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  1. Claude Nougat

    Hey, welcome aboard the bloggers’ ship! Hopefully it’s not the Titanic, though it sometimes feels like it (so full of people, so many dangers around, and ready to sink anytime…)

    And good luck on your Palazzo! Is it really a palace? With History attached to it? You’ll have to tell us ALL the details!

    And we all want to know everything about your life as a Seafaring Chef!

    1. Ingrid

      Well, it’s my palace – actually I was told by an Italian friend of mine a Palazzo is what we call a Terrace House. There is a little bit of history attached the house was sold to a family in Boston in the early 1900s but current owners (I take possession next month) are cousins one living in L’Aquila and the other in Belgium I believe and was last lived in as far as I can make out by the old calendar hanging on the wall some time in 1973! Slowly starting to get started on blogging so hopefully more frequent with the updates!! Thanks for dropping by!! Arrive derci!!

  2. KimGM

    Great! Now I can follow your progress with your palazzo! I can’t wait to read more about what happens with this project! Want to know everything! πŸ™‚

    1. Ingrid

      Thanks for visiting!!! I hope I don’t let you down πŸ™‚

  3. Rosie Dacies

    Wow what a brave move especially in these uncertain times!

    I’ll look forward to hearing all the fun and trials and tribulations of renovations, Italian builders and bureaucracy allowing! R xx

    1. Ingrid

      Yes – a little crazy – I wasn’t even looking for a house to buy really – it found me and wouldn’t let me go!!! I just love it – no hurry to renovate but I have some great ideas including an outside kitchen/cuccina in the upper garden terrace and a small garden with hardy herbs like Rosemary, Thyme and Lavendar along with a few lemon and olive trees. Very exciting – watch this space xo

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