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Ingrid - Dreamlifeofmine

Ingrid – Dreamlifeofmine

Where am I from originally?
 I’m a New Zealander living abroad – originally from Christchurch.

What led me to Europe? This is a very long story! The short version is that in 2006 I took my first ever trip to Europe and fell in love with Europe. I had always wanted to live in Paris and I arrived in Paris for the very first time on my birthday 10th June after a very fast tour of Europe! I travelled London, Dover, Callais, Brussels, Luxembourg, Lake Lucerne, Venice, Rome, Capri, Pompeii, Florence, Arenzano, Geneva and finally Paris over the course of 10 days but it was enough to know I ‘felt at home’ in Europe.

Career Choice: I can recall at age 7 being thrilled to have written my first story of about 10 pages long and thinking WOW this is what I really want to do. Somewhere along the way I decided Fashion Design was my thing, which then became Menswear Design but China was making it impossible to make money in the ‘rag trade’ despite my 10 years sewing, pattern-making, designing and quality controlling. In 1998 I decided to complete a Degree in Psychology and Business focussing on HR and graduated 2000. I lived and worked in Melbourne as a Rehabilitation Consultant, Injury Management Advisor and later inProject Management in the field of Worker’s Compensation until deciding to take a leap of faith in 2008 to work on Luxury Yachts in the Mediterranean. By the time I had the opportunity to head to Europe to work on yachts I was doubting my own ability to find work. Was I too old? Was I too fat? Did I have anything to offer? The same comments were made at the recruitment agencies ‘your a bit old’ was not an unheard of comment and well CVs in yachting require you to have a photo so one may or may not receive feedback from that! But, I’ve made it this far and embarking on my 7th year on yachts! Originally commencing as a Sole Stewardess I’ve graduated to Yacht Chef and have completed Culinary Courses along the way.

Writing: I’ve never stopped writing even if only my own thoughts and musings it’s always been there in the background. In 2007 I began my first solid attempt at a novel and now I have 4 unfinished novels awaiting my attention! As luck would have it I heard about the Matera Women’s Fiction Writing Festival on a chance visit in 2008 after completing my first season on a yacht. In 2010 I heard about a ‘Brainstorming’ Course held in association with the festival and attended the weekend after I had found my dream home! The group has been a fantastic source of inspiration to me to continue!

The Future: I bought my house with a meagre budget but somehow felt it was a place to ‘write’ to finish my unfinished novels but also to be easily accessible to the rest of the world at the drop of a hat if necessary! Buying my house was the beginning of a dream in part I never knew I had – until I saw the house I’d only ever ‘toyed’ with the idea of settling down somewhere. The house purchase was ‘intuitive’ rather than planned, not well thought out, and definitely not well researched – my gut instinct has always led me to my biggest life changing events and has only let me down when I’ve ignored it! Once my home is completed I plan to write and write and write some more – to become published and to earn an income independent of relying on employers. I’m under no illusions it will take time and focus and I’ll still have to work on yachts for a bit longer yet in order to establish a reading public but I’m looking forward to that next challenge!!

Writer’s Retreat: Following completion of the renovation I would also like to offer a self contained unit to fellow writer’s from May to September. A unique opportunity to experience the peace, solitude and tranquility in an authentic Italian village whilst seeking inspiration and inner quiet away from the noise of city life. This is anticipated to commence from 2015!



Should you wish to leave a personal email or question for me – thank you for your support!


Abruzzo, Italy



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  1. Ingrid

    yes! it works 🙂

  2. sally

    it works!! Would be nice to see your face on my blog as a follower too! Besides, I like reading yours!! I’m sure I’ll enjoy!

    1. Ingrid

      Hi Sally – welcome aboard – no hula dances from me I’m afraid!!! Great to see you here & yes my face is now on yours – well more of a thumb print I’m still working on that one 🙂

  3. Irena Smith

    Hope this is what I was meant to do!

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you for Subscribing Irene – I hope you enjoy !!

  4. Toni DeBella

    Looking forward to following your dream…toni

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you so much Toni!!

  5. Ruth

    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I visited Italy many years ago and long to live there. I hope to go in about a year. Enjoy your new adventure. Happy New Year!

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Ruth – I am glad you stopped by and like what you see, feel free to stop by any time!!! I hope you will rediscover the amazing country of Italy once again – if you need advice or recommendations please do not hesitate to email me.

      Best wishes for a vibrant and fun 2012 Happy New Year!!!

  6. Sue Winfield

    Loving the site and don’t know why I haven’t found it before now!

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Sue! I try to post weekly so I hope you stay tuned!!

  7. Janine

    Hi Ingrid,
    I’ve just now found your site. I haven’t even had time for a good look but something about it made me like it straight away. Italy + dream I guess had something to do with it…

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you for stopping by Janine – so glad you like the sight. Please feel free to visit anytime and to share 🙂

  8. Elizabeth Sabella

    Also had the pleasure of attending the market class with Chef Alex last year in Paris and loved it! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures-

    1. Ingrid

      Isn’t it a small world! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you drop by again.

      Ciao Ingrid

  9. Mary Louise Tucker

    Another dreamer joining up!

    Mary Louise

    1. Ingrid

      Fantastic – welcome aboard!!

  10. michelle

    I am joining up too……….
    but am dreaming of lucca 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      Fantastic! There are so many different corners of Italy to love and inspire us 🙂

  11. Cathy Forchielli

    I just got lost in your site! I saved it in favorites and will look forward to getting lost in here again soon!


    1. Ingrid

      Ciao Cathy!!

      Thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment – so glad to hear you enjoyed your time here!! Please come back again soon – I hope to start making regular updates soon including a new section on restaurant reviews 🙂

      Take care


  12. Penny

    Loving all the photos – have subscribed 🙂

    1. Ingrid

      Glad you like them!! Thanks for subscribing – I am slowly sorting out the new blog theme 🙂

  13. Cassy Pickard

    What a wonderful site, Ingrid! I look forward to receiving all of your posts. And, to our continued discussions on Italy, food, and friendship.

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you Cassy!! I do too!!

  14. Gun Toivonen

    What a interesting project you are working with! I’m dreaming of doing it myself, but I’m afraid it will only be a dream. I’m looking forward to follow how you are doing and waitng for your futher posts.

    1. Ingrid

      Thank you – I’m amazed I am able to do this, you might be surprised with what is possible 🙂

  15. Linda Dini Jenkins

    So glad I found you! I’m also a GenXer and my husband and I just bought an apartment in Sulmona with some friends. We’ll be back in October to close the deal.

    Oh . . . and I’m also a writer. Check out my blog site, too. I’m looking forward to reading yours.

    A presto —


    1. Ingrid

      Ciao Linda!

      How exciting!! We’ll practically be neighbours!! I hope to be back in Abruzzo in October too so you never know we may be able to meet!!

      Congratulations on the property!! I know the purchasing experience can be overwhelming!!


  16. Angela Giannunzio

    I am so happy to find this! My ancestors are from Capestrano and some of my family still lives there. I am researching my family history and seeing pictures of it helps also. Thank You!

    1. Ingrid

      Fantastic Angela! Capestrano is very close by and a lovely picture perfect town! Have you had the opportunity to visit yet?

      Ciao, Ingrid

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