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Apr 15

A Unique Opportunity – Fulfil Your Dream of Renovating a Home in Italy!

Medieval Streets Await Discovery

I know many of you may think owning and renovating your own home in Italy is completely impossible – and perhaps for many indeed it is. There is a big difference between the romantic idealisation of abstract whimsical dreams and the reality of the act of doing it. I am finding out every day what …

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Nov 03

Before & After – the story so far in pictures

The Ruin March 2011

I recently started posting before and after pictures of the house on my Facebook page Dreamlifeofmine.com – I think it really shows what a dramatic change a building can go through and what is possible with reliable and open minded contractors. I still laugh when I think about how little Italian I speak and my …

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Oct 14

THIRTEEN 13 thirteen TREDICI 13 tredici

Ofena la casa

What is it about a number you wonder perhaps? I found myself pondering the number 13 last Friday as I left my house. I was leaving having taken 13 photos of the latest works completed on my house.   The house was out of view as I walked to the car hesitating at first but …

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Nov 22

Little Treasures

In Abruzzo

The year has gone by exceedingly fast and I am afraid with that I lost my weekly updates to you all and I am sorry about that!!  But winter is approaching and before I update on how the house plans are coming along I thought a few of you are waiting to see some of …

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Sep 09

For Sale – Ofena

My neighbour asked me if I knew anyone interested in purchasing an old barn that she has for sale. It is not listed with any agents and she is asking 8000 Euros for it – I can’t tell you the exact size of the property I would guess 70sqm It is located on the edge …

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